Manufacturing of Cables

Cables with Aluminium and Copper conductor and polymer insulation are manufactured at Works at Bhiwadi. Essentially cables comprise of conductors, insulation, inner sheath, Armour and outer sheath.


• Ajanta Cables are available with both aluminium and copper conductor.
• Ajanta Cables are manufactured with solid/ stranded circular/ shaped Aluminium/ Copper conductor.
• Stranding makes Cables flexible and easy to handle while shaping makes them compact.

Compaction is provided to all stranded conductor constructions as under:

  1. Circular Conductor: With one wire in the center conductor contains 6,12,18,24,30…… wire layers in either unilay or opposite helical directions. The conductor is Compacted.
  2. Shaped Conductor: In all multicore cables from 16 size, conductors are “Shaped”. However 6 & 10 conductor can be solid/stranded circular.
  3. Segmental Conductor: As a special case Ajanta cables of 1000 are made up of segmental conductors.

Ajanta Copper conductor cables are of the same construction that of cables with Aluminium conductor except for high tensile strength, superior conductivity, better flexibility and ease of jointing Copper cables are used in control, instrumentation, winding, submarine, mining and ship wiring etc. applications.

All conductors for Ajanta Cables are manufactured strictly in accordance with National and International specification.

National specifications – IS:8130
International specifications – IEC:60228/ BS:6360


Insulation for Ajanta Cables is strictly as per National and International specifications. Ajanta cables are designed and manufactured with polymer dielectrics to bear thermal and thermomechanical stresses safely at continuous normal and short circuit temperature conditions.

Ajanta cables are available with both thermoplatic & thermo setting insulations.

PVC Cables – Thermoplastic dielectric
XLPE Cables – Thermo setting dielectric

Ajanta PVC Cables use PVC Compounds that take care of over load and short current with both course & fine protection systems.

Ajanta XLPE cables use XLPE Compound with anti-oxidant stablizers and traces of aromatic polunuclear hydrocarbon. Thus improving electrical treeing characteristics and mechanical strength of insulation.

Pair Screening
Two core are twisted to make a Pair. A tape of Polyester is applied over the Pair and then another tape of Aluminium Mylar is applied along with Drain wire.

Laying Up
Cores are tested on line during production both for physical and electrical characteristics. Control is observed within tight tolerance limits for dimensions in case of PVC/XLPE insulation.

Overall Screening
A tape of Polyester is applied over the laid up pairs and then Aluminium Mylar is applied along the Drain wire.

Inner Sheath
Laid up cables are provided with inner sheath of Tape/Extruded PVC with high quality of PVC which acts as bedding for steel wire/strip armoring and circularity is maintained.

In Ajanta cables- polymer used for inner sheath are softer than insulation or outer sheath & are compatible with temperature ratings of cables & do not have deleterious effects on any other component of cable.

The inner sheath dimensions are maintained strictly in accordance with laid down specification.

For PVC Cables – IS:1554 (Part-I)
For XLPE Cables – IS: 7098 (Part-I)


Mechanical protection to the cable is provided with armouring. Ajanta single core cables are armoured with Aluminium or Aluminium wire/strips, thus avoiding magnetic hysteresis losses on A.C. system.

Multicore cables are provided with galvanized steel wire/strips. Ajanta cables are provided with galvanized wire armouring, where cables are to run vertically and are subject to strsses.

Ajanta Mining Cables are armoured with double steel wire and tinned copper wires, so as to provide conductivity of armour more than 75% of main conductor of cable.

Ajanta cables armour wire/strips are of low resistivity material and meet the requirements of IS: 3975.


All Ajanta cables are provided with PVC/HR PVC/FR/FRLS/ZHLS outersheath Polymer Material.

Ajanta cables are manufactured with various characteristics of sheathing compounds.

General purpose sheathing compound ST-1 (Type A)
Heat resistant Compound for sheath (H.R.) ST-2 (Type C)
Fire Retardant Low Smoke Compound (FRLS) IEC 754 Part I
IEC 60332 Part I & II
IEEE- 383 (Category-C2)
ASTM- 2843
ASTM- 2863
Flame Retardant Compound (FR) to EIL Specn. (category C1)
Ultra Violet Radiatoins Resistance Compound to ASTM G-53

Anti Rodent and Anti Termite Compound is applied where the customer ask for it.

All our products are embossed/printed/intended on outersheath at regular intervals containing deatils of Ajanta cables. Voltage grade, Cable size, Trade Name & year of manufacture are embossed, as desired by the customer.

Cables are sequentially marked for length at every metre throughout its length.

Final Testing

Each item Ajanta Cable is tested for all applicable Routine Tests. From a lot of Cable one cable of each type is tested for Type Tests, as per relevant specifications.

Ajanta conduct its testing at its cable plant at BHIWADI for acceptance test as per specification.

Testing of Ajanta Cables are carried out as per Ajanta work standards for testing, besides applicable standards.