Today, the vital functions of measurement and control in manufacturing and processing operations are largely dependent on electronic circuity. An improved technology, greater control, accuracy and broadened capability, makes the reliability and durability of the interconnecting cables more significant.

In many respect instrumentation cables are functionally similar to other cables used in electronic devices. AJANTA’s line of instrumentation cables are designed for ease of installation, for the transmission of signals and energy with minimal interference and for maximum durability in full compliance with recognized industry and government standards.

Concern for safety and environment protection has made it mandatory that the cable you design, specify, install, move or service meet specific rigid requirement. These requirements are particularly demanding for instrumentation cable utilized in process control, instrumentation, computers, controls systems and monitor networks.


S.No. Operating
Product Description
1 -20 Deg˚C to 105 Deg˚C 300 Volt
  • Stranded bare Copper Conductors
  • PVC insulation: Paired Construction Color Coded One Black, One White Triad Construction Color One Black, One White, One Red White Conductor Printed with Pair/Triad Number at One Inch Intervals for Easy Identification
  • When Screened: Tinned copper wire mesh braiding
  • PVC Jacket-Black, UV Resistant